About Ramona

My Approach

If you choose to work with me, I will be your partner, guide, and coach to help you through the work of change. I greatly value kindness and honesty. In practice this means I will treat you with kindness and respect. I will also be honest and straightforward with you. I believe that maintaining both of these values is important for an effective therapeutic relationship.

Common themes that come up in my work are

  • How we communicate, especially when we disagree
  • What we believe about people—ourselves and others
  • Accepting the realities of life and what we can and can’t control

I believe that understanding how each person deals with these significant topics is important in a therapeutic setting. It raises our awareness and informs how we move forward in the work.

Other Experience

My professional background, before becoming a counselor, was in technology management in large financial corporations. Burnout, chronic stress, Type-A behavior patterns, difficulty with personal relationships, perfectionism, and workaholic tendencies are frequently apparent in people who function in large work environments. Of course, these issues can come up for you whether or not you are involved with large organizations. If these are issues you want to address, the combination of my clinical and business experience can be helpful in working with them.

If you have questions about me or you think you can benefit from the help I provide, please call me at 503.863.6787 today.